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While driving one day, God the Father spoke, and instructed Pastor Samuel Daniyan how to regard his new vocation: Establish an evangelical entity and become a Pastor of a local Church. Before this calling however, he earned a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology, and maintained a four suites private practice office and money was never an issue while working in that field of his expertise.  He has been blessed to be able to differentiate the three distinct voices of God: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, distinctively. This time around, he knew it was the voice of God the Father calling him into an evangelical ministry.

He responded to this call by asking the Lord, “Father God, if this is you, who is the very One I thought was speaking to me, please, do not reveal this irreplaceable message just to me, but to my entire family as well.” Soon afterward, God spoke to his four year son who related the identical message based on his age level, back to his father.  Shortly thereafter, he briskly turned to his wife and said:  “Please, seek God’s face by fasting and praying, because I believe the Lord will reveal certain things to you.”  Approximately five to six weeks later, Pastor Samuel asked his wife if God had spoken to her, and she said she was not sure that God had. So



Pastor Samuel encouraged her to go back and seek the face of God again. Ask God for a revelation and a confirmation of whatever it was that the Lord spoke to him.  She did exactly that, and almost immediately, the Great I AM spoke to her; practically word for word what He had revealed to Pastor Samuel originally.

The Lord has also blessed this Pastor with a local Church, and it is called The Cathedral of Praise and Miracles International. Then the Lord instructed Pastor Samuel to travel to Nigeria, to minister vibrant messages laced with inspiring miracles that draw men and women closer to God.  Signs, wonders and miracles are vivid in these ministries the Lord has given him.

We need to expound on that Missionary trip to Nigeria, where the Lord clearly told Pastor Samuel, “No harm would come to you, and if your life is threatened, all you have to do is say these words: “Declare blindness unto whoever attempts to harm you, and blindness shall be their portion without delay.” 

As he was attending a special function praying with his arms raised up in adoration to God, and with his eyes closed. One of the local Wizards attacked him with voodoo.



 Pastor Samuel realized he was about to collapse and might even die; so he abruptly brought an end to the prayer he was making to God.

But he also knew he had to make a decision quickly, and he did.  He swiftly explained to the few numbers of people praying along with him what prompted his sudden pause of the prayer. He shouted, “I have been attacked, I feel I am about to fall down, I am about to collapse.” 

Suddenly, he regained some strength and declared as followed to the people in the prayer circle with him: “I am Samuel, son of this land; I know what you are planning to do. It is obvious that you see me as Samuel of yesterday, which may be true physically; but I am now a new Samuel: purchased and paid for by the Blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ! I am completely transformed, invigorated, and immensely anointed in Christ Jesus, and the hands of God are

undeniably on me, and I therefore, forewarn you to back off right now.” While this warning was being announced, Pastor Samuel also noticed that the effectiveness and potency of the voodoo that could have killed him, was diminishing rapidly! (That was the power of God being demonstrated).  The most amazing thing about this was the fact that while Pastor Samuel was saying this to the gathering, he wasn’t even thinking about what the Lord God had instructed him to do in this circumstance!  He was just overwhelmed with the spiritual attack on his body physically. But in the aftermath, he ultimately returned to attend to his supplication before God.

During his entire stay in Nigeria, Glory be to God, Pastor Samuel did not have to invoke the words that the Lord had previously given to him.  He called upon the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and the Lord Himself delivered him! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus that you gave Pastor Samuel the wisdom he needed to get the job done, when he needed it, even though you “gave him another way out.” Most certainly you would not have condemned him had he chosen to invoke those words upon the local wizard who was bent on destroying him.

On November 16, 2009, three days before Pastor Samuel was to return to the United States, he was at Point “A,” and on his way to Point “B,” where he had a scheduled an appointment. Then the Lord spoke to him and ordered him to go to another place we will call Point “C.” He had no idea where Point “C,” was, so he asked the Lord, “Why


are you sending me to a place I know nothing about?  I have no idea how to get there, and I have no business to do there.  I already have an appointment at Point “B.”  The Lord kept silent and did not elaborate on his order, so Pastor Samuel got on a bus, and after riding for some time he asked a co-passenger: “Do you know where Point “C” is?  The person said he was indeed on the right bus, heading towards Point “C.”

As he approached Point “C,” (the bus was travelling very slow due to the traffic flow), there was a man standing on the right side of the road. He was well-dressed, as if he was on his way to a Presidential meeting or a very special event. He was dressed in the clothing of a wealthy man.  Seeing a person of this stature standing on the side of the road caused a stir among the people in the area.  From the time Pastor Samuel first saw him, he was in the process of removing his costly and well-designed garments.  Pastor Samuel asked one of the passengers:  “Do

you have any idea who this man is, and what he is doing there?”  The person answered, “No, maybe he is on drugs-these things are common here.”  The bus stopped, and as he was coming off of the Bus, he heard the voice of God the Father again, who spoke these words to him: “Son, this is the main reason why I instructed you to come to Point “C.” Quickly, walk back to attend to that man, and as you go, I will tell you what you must do.”

As Pastor Samuel was walking towards the man, he saw a lady with a yellow bowl selling oranges, so he asked her if he could borrow the bowl.  He had no idea why he even asked for it, but she politely gave it to him. Then, he found himself filling the bowl with water.  At this point the Holy Spirit then spoke to Pastor Samuel saying: “Now pray and consecrate the water in the yellow bowl in your left hand in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.” Pastor Samuel is one obedient man of God.  He continued walking towards this deranged man.  By this time the man


was screaming, cursing, and saying unintelligible things to the top of his lungs.  He was also jumping up and down, pulling up the bottom of his shirt and pulling down his pants to reveal part of the right side revealing his stomach.  At the same time, he was still ranting wildly and uncontrollably, still jumping up and down frantically.

By the time Pastor Samuel was in front of him, his underwear and pants were down, exposing the most private parts of his body, and he was squatting on the ground.  Pastor Samuel had to push his way through the mob to reach him, and when he did, he scooped his right hand into the bowl of anointing water, splashed it on the man’s face saying simultaneously, “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, get up!”  The man immediately stood erect, and “at attention,” saying, “Yes sir, yes siiiiir.”

The deranged man continued ranting and raving though.  So Pastor Samuel splashed more of the anointing water on the man commanding him to “Be quiet,” and ordered him to, “Pull your pants up, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.”  The man said, “Yes sir,” and he obeyed.  Pastor Samuel quickly began praying in the Spirit, after a while, he fearlessly asked, “What is your name and where do you live?”  He replied, my name is Babatunde and pointed in the direction with his finger.

Pastor Samuel took the man by his left arm and started walking with him in that direction.  While they were walking in the directions of his house, the man was continuing to shout and was trying to hit people with his right hand.  Pastor Samuel then passively began to pray in tongues. Pastor was intermittently commanding him to obey his commands in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  The crowd followed closely behind because they had to “see” what was going to happen next!  A few


minutes later as they came to a crossroad, a woman emerged out of the crowd, asking Pastor: “What’s wrong with him? What’s wrong with him?”  He could only reply: “Can’t you see for yourself?  I have to hold him up to walk – he is staggering and he has already lost his mind.”  He asked the woman: “Do you know this man?”  She said she did, and then he asked if she knew where he lived, and when she said yes, he asked if she would please lead the way there, and she agreed.

As they approached his home, the man’s situation worsened. With no prior warning, twice, he jumped up and slammed his body onto the asphalt road.  The first time he did it, Pastor Samuel thought he had hurt himself, and would collapse. Surprisingly, after Pastor Samuel commanded him again, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the man got up, but this time he was very sluggish in getting up.

The man’s brother arrived to see what was wrong with his older sibling, and he asked Pastor Samuel, “What are you going to do with him?”  Pastor Samuel explained that he was trying to get his brother back to their home. The younger brother pleaded with Pastor Samuel not to do this because their mother would not be happy to see her son

in this condition at all.  Pastor Samuel said to the younger brother: “Okay, would you prefer that your brother walk to the Public Market, or, to your house?”  The brother became quiet and would not respond to either one of these options made by Pastor Samuel.  (Here, we have to explain the Western part of Nigerian tradition which says, “If a lunatic man finds his way to the public market, it is then said and agreed upon that the person cannot be cured his psychosis).”  Now we could see that the younger brother did not want to assume responsibility, nor, would he allow his older brother to come back into his own home because of the shame it would bring to the household if he did!  Pastor Samuel continued with his passive praying, and periodically splashed more anointing water on this man saying, “Be cleansed in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.” He said this over and over repeatedly until finally, the man lay prostrate on the ground, and the man, in Jesus’ name, momentarily found peace.  Hallelujah and Glory be to God!

Pastor Samuel then attempted to call the people at Point “B” advising them what happened, and was not lost, but his cell phone refused to work!  Meanwhile, the people at Point “B,” were wondering where

Pastor Samuel was, and they were concerned that he was lost somewhere because he did not show up at the appointed time.  But our Omnipotent and All-Knowing God, Jesus Christ, had preordained this latter appointment for Pastor Samuel.  God always has been and shall ever be in total control.

What’s the moral of this miraculous story? First, if Pastor Samuel, himself being a Nigerian, had not been in Nigeria with willingness to surrender and be able to hear the voice of God, and follow precisely what Almighty God had instructed him to do, this man would undoubtedly, be dead today or his insanity may have been disgusting. Second, God had an appointment with that man, at that time, at that place, and with, Pastor Samuel Daniyan.  And lastly: God


doesn’t have to tell us anything – only what we need to know.  Our trust, our hope, our obedience and our faith in Him are all that matters when we call ourselves by His Holy Name, Amen?  Would God have sent someone else?  We cannot answer that – we only know that He sent a man named Samuel who obeyed God, and because of that obedience, a man was saved – literally! Again: May the name of God be glorified today, tomorrow and forever. Amen!

Perhaps on this Website, or in The Cathedral of Praise and Miracles International, at a later date, God will allow Pastor Samuel to reveal other aspects of that mission of Mercy he was on when he obeyed God and went to Nigeria.  But in the meantime, God is good, all of the time, and He is able, Amen?

After returning from the Missionary trip, the Lord has been using Pastor Samuel to be conducting Holy Spirit Filled Revivals around the United States of American and so far a onetime invitation from the


Below are some of the demonstrations of what God has been displaying at most of the Holy Spirit Filled Revivals.  These are not written in any particular order:













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